A lot like love

Love is like so much like this.

Too hungry for too long
Excited but cautious about what you pick on the menu
Wolfing it down
…..you know the rest….

And yet, less than a fortnight later, you want to kick yourself for knowing you’ll go back for more. Yes, a lot like love.

7 thoughts on “A lot like love

  1. You chose to indulge at the wrong place, with the wrong ingredients I guess.

    Try some modest home made food, made for you than just for another hungry person. You may be very satisfied, with no side effects.

  2. When we are not sure what ingredients or the place does not have side effects, I would prefer the gulping down food approach, anyways we need to deal with side effects with or without this.
    btw I was solely referring to food πŸ™‚

  3. @ Apasserby: With reference to our affinity for bad boys and toxic bachelors in general?

    @ Rambler: Really? πŸ˜€

    @ Ashish: I don’t think so..not anymore.

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