The year’s at a close….enough worked, enough toiled over, enough worried. Put away your plans and regrets for next year (its just a week away for heavenssakes!!!) Here’s what the doctor prescribes:

Everyone needs some pampering sometime. Since most of us (yes, I included!!!) seem to have forgotten what that concept is, I’m putting down a list (oh, don’t I lurrrve doing that…). Feel free to add to this.

Head massage (with permission to fall asleep on application)

Back rub (ahhhhh…..)

Hot shower (alone? with company? I did say pamper yourself…whatever works for you πŸ˜‰

Nice-smelling body wash

Loofah and a gentle soap

Sleep (uninterrupted by doorbell, phone, the neighborhood cricket game or your spouse/partner)

Warm melting chocolate (on pastry, cake, ice-cream or just by itself)

One full day with the house all to yourself (no family, no friends, no spouse/partners….also no TV, video or phone)

Sunday afternoon in bed with a good book (this doesn’t have to be Kundera or Shakespeare. Anything you enjoy….it could be Archie comics for all anyone knows)

Samosas and hot chai on a rainy evening

Stupid feel-good movies (mail me anyone who wants a list…I have a collection)

The wind blowing in your hair. Don’t trivialise this….do you know how many women are able to let themselves do this??? (Pollution! Tangles! Messed up dos!)

More ideas, anyone?

3 thoughts on “A List Of Pamper-Experiences”
  1. For me,
    girltalk. Unadulterated giggling and bitching sessions. Though not strictly pampering. But still taking out the time and oraganizing something with your friends.
    Washing your hair, letting it smell all nice for at least a few hours.
    Can’t think of anything else at the moment but shall add to this list.

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