A laugh to start the year

Mumsy has a crazy sense of humour. Figures….I have to get it from somewhere!

Some of her wisecracks..

About Tushar Kapoor: He’s really dashing…he dashes all your hopes to the ground!

On a family photograph taken in poor lighting: The caption should read ‘Curry, currier and curriest’

About my wedding: When you get married, I’ll cry…not for you, but the boy who marries you!

After seeing the promos of ‘Jawani Diwani’: Why doesn’t he just change his name to Emraan Kiss-me?

When I make everyone late for the party with my preening: If that mirror of yours had a mouth it would cry “Oh, mercy, leave me alone!”

About Bob Dylan: If that’s supposed to be music, you can record my arguing with the milkman tomorrow…I’m sure it will be a bestseller.

I know your new shoes look good but they really don’t need to adorn the hallway.

Well, have a rocking 2006 full of laughter and love, all of you!

15 thoughts on “A laugh to start the year

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  2. Hahhaa… Ur mom has a good sense of humor! πŸ™‚
    Mine also has, but she is not so fluent in English.. so it can be understood only if you know Tulu! πŸ™‚

    Ms Taggarts last blog post..Friends

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