Monday evening with My Cool Gujju Pal (MCGP)….

Me: I don’t like gujjus
MCGP: Why?
Me: Because they’re all like you
MCGP: Seriously bataa na…why?
Me: Because I met too many of them in my teenage years, the ‘typical manibens’
MCGP: Hmph…you only met the Makabos
Me: Huh? Maka-pavs you mean….you ass, those are the guys from Goa. I meant the other neighboring state.
MCGP: No, Ma-Ka-Bos are Gujjus from Malad, Khandivili and Borivili
MCGP: *unperturbed* You just haven’t met any quality Gujjus…like me..
Me: *sputter*
MCGP: *in the same vein*….you know the six-sigma gujjus!
Me: Patee gayo…

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