A Blogger Deserves Respect

I am a personal blogger, not a performing monkey.

It seems obvious to me but it appears that I have to clarify this to certain people. Just because I share snippets of my life online, does not give you the right to sit in judgement on me. I create & share things that I write. It is a privilege to be read, certainly. But I think, it is also a privilege to read. I respect my readers and I think I deserve that respect back.

Why do some people think its okay to say anything to you because this is an open blog? It may be an open blog but it’s my blog and it’s open because I keep it that way. I have every right to shut out spammers, trolls or detractors if I so choose.

I’m spelling it out just to be clear. My blog is my online home and I welcome you to it. Don’t take advantage of my hospitality or I’ll have no recourse but to throw you out.

One thought on “A Blogger Deserves Respect

  1. Hmm, too many trolls I’m sure. Thankfully I haven’t encountered such people through the blog even though somebody sitting in Belgium decided that he/she wants to read my mail very badly and then hacked my yahoo and then my google mail account because I had stupidly left the security options at default.
    On a different note, hope you’re doing fine. I’m in Paris now and just getting to know the city. Travelling within Europe although supposed to be a breeze hasn’t quite happened. But I guess it’s just a matter of time. πŸ™‚
    Take care and love

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