Anonymouse Copying

Will the Anonymouse who commented on my last post please take note? Yes, the one who didn’t leave behind and email address (if you had, I’d have kept this more discreet) but said,

absolutely stunning!! i plan to use this poem to propose the girl i like…hope there is no copyright issue!

Great, I’m flattered and all that. Just about. I’m not amused by your wanting to pass off my writing as your own. And my poetry is my personal expression. It’s quite sick to use them on someone else. It’s creepy so don’t do it okay?

10 thoughts on “Anonymouse Copying

  1. I’m going to play the devil’s advocate, just because I can. 🙂

    1.He never said that he’s going to pass it off as his own, did he? For all you know, he might introduce his new girlfriend to your blog.
    2.Why is it creepy for a person to use someone else’s work? I have used quotes many times – and if we all tried to come up with something original, we’d invent (or say something original) one thing every decade. Or maybe it’s okay after you’re dead? After all, we quote Shakespeare (and whoever else) all the time, don’t we? 😉
    3.You’ve gone through this before, haven’t you? How come you haven’t password-protected your blog if you don’t want unknown (or known) people copying things off your blog?

    This isn’t a fight or an attempt to rile you, mind. Just an argument.

  2. hi again…i think u got it wrong there…wasnt plannin to pass it off as my own or nything..i cant write a poem if my life depended on it…and she knows this quite well..was just asking if its ok to use it…thts all..i will tell her abt ur blog..and i had shown some of ur stuff to her earlier once as well…srry if it came across as an attempt at plagiarism…

    as for y no name and email, i dont use my real name and email online…thts all..nothing to do with any “mouse”

    oh and forgot to add, i wont be using it now…ur point it being creepy kinda says tht u wont be ok with it…with or without credit to u…bt nice poem nyways! 🙂

  3. @the I: Hah! I was right, weirdly enough. And just look at the time the comments were posted! We must’ve been typing at the same time. Lol.

    Now the poor boy won’t be able to woo the girl – and it’s all your fault 😛

    @Anonymous: may I point you in the direction of a certain Pablo Neruda? He’s dead, so he won’t mind. Good luck!

  4. @ Anon Y.Mouse: Yes I have gone through it before. I’ve received emails telling me that I was an idiot to write online since the emailer was selling them and making a quick buck on my stuff. I’ve had my posts lifted and passed off as their own. And yes I have also considered locking up my blog. But I didn’t because that’s hiding in fear from a small bunch of creepy cowards. I trust that most human beings are straightforward enough (not to mention sensible enough) to refrain from copying. As a rule I hate recylcing content – I loathe forwards, I hate receiving second-hand messagse. My premise is that if a person has something to tell me, I’d rather hear it in his own words (imperfect as they may be) than someone else’s.

    By the way, I see nothing but offensive arguments in your comment and nothing worth an intellectual debate. So mind you, I’m not taking the bait but there’s no reason I need to be quiet on my own blog.

    @ Anonymous: Thank you for coming back to read my reply. Your email address would not have been revealed to anyone but me and I would only have used it to reply to your comment. Thank you also for the compliment but I really don’t think I can claim to understand your feelings and so it just doesn’t make sense to use my words to express them. I wish you all the best with your lady.

  5. hey

    Can I copy the copyright threat that you have used to keep the copy cats from copying the copyright material on my blog to keep the copy cats away from copying the copyright material that they may copy to make their own copy as that may make my post look like a copy.

    Ah forget it I will ages to figure out what I said.


    Tarun Chandels last blog post..Open Letter to Chtan Bhagat

  6. Go ahead and use it man…. dont even acknowledge Smithy…. jes use it.

    Not guilty till caught I say…. (not by Smithy, but by your girlfriend)

    Smithy… do some good to the world. Spread some luuuurve! 😛

    Apoorvas last blog post..The Truth Is…..

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