3G: No Getting Away Or Getting Any?

Considering the number of commercial messages bombarding the TV viewer (and mallgoer and movie watcher and city traveler), advertisements are as much pop culture as anything else. Saw a new ad the other day and old instincts dying hard in me, I perked up in attention. The ad went thus:

A single, big car stands in an underground parking lot. It shakes, then stops. It shakes, then stops. It shakes and then…a phone rings and a voice answers. The tagline flashes, “No getting away”.

Considering a certain sirjee‘s recent proclamations (“Ab India ho gaya hai 3G pe bijee!“), I’m just wondering just what the telecom companies have got against the human population’s best loved activity? Curious to know just what kind of people will admit to thinking that a mobile phone network interrupting & replacing sex is cool.

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