2007 Bloggers’ meet

Here’s announcing the first 2007 bloggers’ meet in Mumbai! I feel it necessary to point out that you are a blogger even if you don’t post! If you are familiar with blogging and some of the Indian bloggers…or would like to be, if you follow someone’s blog and would like to meet them in person, join us when we congregate on the 3rd of February….maybe you’ll meet your favorite blogger, or well…you’ll meet the rest of us and we ain’t that bad, either!

Melody has designed this lovely invitation so check out the details below and….

Be there or be square.


22 thoughts on “2007 Bloggers’ meet

  1. I just noticed, ‘…all or none of the above, then you’re welcome to join us.’

    Act 1 – Have you pictured this situation, where this advt is read by a crazy gun-owning whack. He comes to this party, makes friends with you folks. He poses just as a silent commentator, and he has ample time to do his homework.

    Act 2 – Everybody gets friendly with Mr. Nice Gun. And he gets invited to the next blogger’s meet that’s held at your place. And he gets his friend along, the 9x19mm Glock.

    Act 3 – Bowling for Columbine. The End!


  2. @ Brad: *Whack on the head* for having fun without me. *Biff on the nose* for spreading psychotic chills through my would-be guest list.

    @ Pensive Lawyer: Will I have my psychotic lawyer by my side to ward off psychotic killers on Feb 3rd?

    @ Apoorva: Sorry…I did try to organise a mini-meet but it didn’t work out. When are you leaving?

  3. @ Sense: :-P. Don’t call my A.E. names. Then again, call him all the names you like…if it keeps you from calling ME names!

    @ Brad: Who said? I’m the supreme monarch-number-one-ruler-of-this-entire-Ideasmithy-blogdom here.

    @ Pragni: Of course! I for one, would love to meet you. Also, there’s no such a thing as an established circle. This will be my second open bloggers meet. I just got to be good friends with some of the people I met at my last meet and I’ve been meeting them socially a lot. So we’d love to have you join us!

  4. @ Sense: Oh don’t do that!!He’ll torment me at 8:30 on a Saturday morning then!!!! Come to think of it, I could return the favour…

    @ Sanjay: I got tired of emotional chaos and decided to walk that precarious tightrope between anonymity and identity. πŸ™‚

  5. @ Someonearbit: You’re welcome. And I’m glad you’ll be coming.

    @ Abhi: The techno-greek says you can bring along anything that doesn’t bark or bite. Will see you there then!

  6. I have called at all the times that you said was ‘ok’. And not once did we talk! So, Be prepared to say ‘hello’ to Saturday mornings. They are not that bad actually (once you talk to me, that is :P)!

  7. I’m in.. Another aspiring blogger will be coming with me.. but I’ll have to leave by 9-9.30.. will that be fine?? and is it ok to RSVP here??

  8. @ Brad: Damn…it didn’t work out. I stayed up really late Friday night and slept through Saturday morning. Sometime this week then.

    @ Pragni: That’s great to hear, bring along whoever you want, it’s an open meet after all! Yup, this is fine, I’m keeping count here too.

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